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I blame my Uncle Jim.
He was a Gardener for Regent’s Park’s Rose Gardens in London. He lived in Camden where he grew Dahlias in the front garden, and kept chickens and rabbits at the back. I would visit every lunchtime from my school around the corner and I learnt from him.
My Dad’s ‘real’ parents owned a Nursery in Waltham Cross and my brother John was a Gardener for the Local Council. With this family background I started, by growing cress, a daffodil in a pot and Candytuft at school.

We were awarded certificates and my 1st Class Awards I still have to this day.
However all this went on the ‘back burner’ when my family moved to a Camden Council flat with no outside space. But my passion for growing did not die but lay dormant.

After a career in London working for ‘Time Out’ magazine in Covent Garden, lecturing in Graphic Design, managing an Art and Design Department, followed by redundancy have all encouraged me to follow what I believe is my true vocation.

Now a Devonian through and through I can proudly say that I am ‘living the dream’.
This is/has been a massive leap of faith.
London to Devon, urban to rural, but growing flowers – ALWAYS.
Not any old flowers, but ones that show a passion for life which embraces and celebrates British and Native flowers, in a relaxed ‘country style’. Incorporating wild and foraged seasonal flowers and foliage is  essential for me.
I love my rural life and I am determined to sustain natural growth and rebirth with every season in every way- flowers, seeds, foliage or even feathers. Nature in all it’s forms.
Whatever time or the year there is beauty to capture.
I truly believe in the mantra of ‘grown not flown’. Obviously blooms from abroad have their place, but there also needs to be a place for seasonal British Flowers too.

My Mum always taught me ‘Waste not Want not’ and in that spirit I always try to recycle and reutilise everything I can. Hence some people (my family included) say that I am a hoarder.

All the things that I nurture, stimulate our senses and link them to memories, times or places and can through flowers, give you your own memories to celebrate.

The heady perfume of a  heritage rose takes me back to a sunny day in Regent’s Park’s Rose Garden even today.
Create your own journey through flowers.