I blame my Uncle Jim. I used to go to his house every day in Kentish Town. He was a gardener in the Rose Gardens of Regents Park Funnily enough his favourite flowers were Dahlias..

He kept chickens and rabbits for the table and I loved mooching around his plot with Paddy the Wire Haired Terrier.

Growing must be in my blood as my grandfather was a market gardener,  my brother was also a gardener for Camden Council.

My first gardening experience was growing a daffodil bulb, cress and candy tuft at Rhyl Street primary school. I still have my first class certificates to this day.

After gaining a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design I lived and worked in London for Time Out magazine in Covent Garden.

I loved the’ old old’  Floral Hall and took many photographs of the markets closure.

My love of the countryside  took us to Braughing  in Hertfordshire. Commuting daily to the big smoke.

From there the next move was to Devon and I commuted from  there. Eventually my, by then, lecturing career took me to East Devon College where I lectured and managed for 21 years.

Sadly for me, I was made redundant, to say that I was upset would be a gross understatement.

But this then led to the third stage of my career, dogs, cats, chickens poly tunnel and all that. But once I got sick of courgettes and runner beans I returned to my first love growing flowers. My life has been
re-kickstarted in the garden- growing.

It has been, and continues to be a, ‘challenge’ as they say.
But so far I’m up for it!