One persons weed is another persons wild flower
Quote by Susan Wittig Albert.

W grow flowers in the Mid Devon hills, surrounded by glorious Devon countryside and beautiful Devon hedgerows. British flowers in it’s widest sense, is what we grow and nurture.

We make use of every flower, leaf, and branch that our garden provides. I am not a trained florist but ‘ I know what I like.’ My style is loose and I like to call it ‘Country Style.’

Our flowers range from perennials which cover a vast range of colours, shapes, and stem length. Also we grow annuals of every hue and conformation.
The list of plants is long and forever changing season by season. We plant new favourites and nurture old favourites.
Who would have thought that there was a ‘fashion’ in flowers but there is!
The Chelsea Flower Show and many others will show you the trends and as growers we endeavour to move with the times.

However our flowers can and will adapt to the needs of the clients and whims of the customer.
Seasonal. fresh. British, homegrown, grown not flown.
What more can I say?